Spinel: One Of The Three Birthstone For August

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Spinel, the stone that fooled gem hunters and royalty into thinking it was ruby when it was discovered in the 1400s, is one of the three birthstones of August. It was added to the list in 2016 by the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). Before that, the two birthstones for August were peridot and sardonyx. The colors most associated with the birthstone are the deep pinks, pinkish reds and the most coveted red spinels, bringing us back to how at least two crowned jewels were mistaken for rubies. The approximately 170-carat Black Prince’s ‘ruby’ was owned by a progression of Moorish and Spanish kings before Edward, Prince of Wales (also known as the Black Prince) received the gem in 1367 as payment for a victory in a battle. The red spinel is set in Great Britain’s Imperial State Crown just above the 317.40-carat Cullinan II diamond. It is displayed in the Tower of London. Another large spinel in the Crown Jewels, the ‘Timur ruby,’ which weighs over 350- carats.

But in the 18th century, spinel was confirmed to be a different stone from ruby due to their chemical makeups. Spinels are available in almost every color of the rainbow. However, the deep reds associated with August and cobalt blue are the most precious of the hues.

They are mined in Tajikistan, Vietnam, Tanzania and Pakistan. Myanmar is known for producing spinel of the hot pink and red spinel variety. They are reported to be associated with revitalization and to .inspire, refresh, energize, and give endurance to the wearer.

Fast Forward to the 2022 Academy Awards and Kristen Stewart is wearing an eye-popping Cartier necklace long diamond necklace with a stunning red spinel as its centerpiece. It was one of the best jewels of the evening.

Here we feature a variety from pinkish to red spinels in modern jewels for August babies who prefer these gems to peridot and sardonyx as well as all jewelry enthusiasts who covet these feminine to firey gems.

Vak Jewellery Eternal Garden Bracelet with untreated Burmese cabochon spinels, natural rubies, rose cut and full cut diamonds.

Ark Fine Jewelry Creation Ring with a 3.46-carat red spinel with trillion diamonds.

Nouvel Heritage 18K rose gold and red spinel bangle bracelet.

Reza 18K rose gold Farandole Earrings with beaded spinels and diamonds.

Melissa Kaye’s 18K white gold Lenox tennis necklace with a One-of-a-Kind Lenox Clasp with pink spinel and neon pink enamel.

Retrouvaí Pleated spinel ring in 14K yellow gold

Nak Armstrong 20K rose gold Crown & Head Ring with red and multi colored spinel

Yi collection pink spinel and diamond Love Earrings