To Standardize Psychedelic Therapy, A New Organization Launches

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Thanks to research and support among qualified healthcare professionals and practitioners, the use of psychedelics as an effective alternative treatment for mental illness or mood disorders has gained traction the past few years. This emerging industry has precipitated an urgent need to establish standardized therapies in this space. Enter the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association.

Newly launched, the nonprofit APPA is focused on advocating safe, effective, and accessible care for all who can benefit from psychedelic medicine. Members will have access to a professional network, mentorship program, events and forums. Founding members will be part of shaping the regulations and infrastructure as these therapies enter the U.S. health system.

Right now, they’re scouting for members. This week, at the 15th Horizons Perspective on Psychedelics Conference in New York City, APPA is issuing a call to action for qualified individuals to sign up and be a part of this burgeoning field.

“It is time for the dispersed and diverse psychedelic practitioner community to come together to further establish, develop, and legitimize the field,” said Executive Director Dr. Alex Cardenas, when asked what the catalyst was for forming APPA. “To ensure safe, effective, equitable, and accessible care, a professional association is needed to support our community in centralizing the evidence and building expert consensus towards standards of care and of training and ethical guidelines of practice. “

One problem this community is battling are the negative and tired stereotypes surrounding the use of psychedelics. Cardenas said education is critical to dispelling the mythology of users as well as the stigma of mental illness. “By establishing standards, guidelines, and accreditation of training programs while also collaborating with partner organizations focused on certifying practitioners,” added Cardenas, “we hope to reassure the public and policy makers that psychedelic assisted therapy is an evidence-based and expert-informed option for their care that will be provided by trained and competent practitioners.”

Currently, APPA is accepting donations from individuals and organizations, and is working toward raising $2.5 million through fundraising.

For those interested in signing up as members, visit this link.